Proud inventor of DuoPlank®

Our Factory Hakwood are proud to be the inventor of DuoPlank®, a process of combining an expertly climate-controlled, air-dried hardwood layer with high-grade, water-resistant birch plywood. The resulting product is a superior, balanced, and dimensionally stable flooring solution that combines the look and feel of a solid wood floor with the stability and installation flexibility of an engineered floor.
DuoPlank® enables to install Hakwood flooring in places and under conditions where solid flooring is not an option. Our planks are designed to reduce movement in your flooring, no matter the season.

We carry a rich and varied range, and offer over 100 different surface treatments/ shades of color. In addition, you can choose from spesial techniques such as aging, smoking, brushing etc.

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European Oak possess a beauty rooted in nature. Characterized by a less prominent grain and neutral tan colour, European Oak has a raw, natural appearance. The wood species are an ideal choice for a variety of surface treatments and colors.
Pure is available in: Prime, Premier 1-bis, Select, Natural and Classical.


Premier 1-bis





Hakwood flooring has a very distinctive look and feel on its own, and laying a pattern that differs from the classic plank can add further visual interest to your project. For your selection, All Hakwood flooring is offered in herringbone and a limited range of chevron is available on request.





There are any different types of patterns to choose from. Some use herringbone blocks of their own, others are combined with squares and planks.


This pattern is the most common occurrence and we have herringbone blocks of all different widths and lengths to create the different looks. A herringbone pattern is created using equal-size rectangles, arranged in zig-zag design. This design is also where the herringbone pattern gets its name, due to its similarity to the fish´s skeleton. The herringbone pattern can completely change according to the length and the width of the pieces that create it.

Herringbone dimensions: 110 x 550, 142 x 710, 180 x 1080 mm



Chevron is a decorative and popular pattern, which features a series of rectangles. Each rectangle has a diagonal width and adjacent to the width of the other. The result is a smooth zigzag formation of defined angles or points.


A Classic basket weave herringbone pattern uses a ratio by 4 or more blocks laid together in a square. These squares are then laid together in alternating directions- either horizontally or vertically. Basket weave can be laid square to the room or diagonally.

Valor colour

Heritage color, Premier 1.bis.



Coming soon
We are currently developing some exciting new Parquet Tile designs that will be launched after the summer. These designs will provide the ultimate in luxury and we can’t wait to share them with you.
Stay tuned for some amazing inspiration headed your way!


Maintaining your wood floor
Discover our range of high-quality products to keep your wood floors looking beautiful. Give it the love it deserves.
The love and care for the wood shouldn’t end when your wooden floor leaves our workroom. Our wood flooring products are designed to last for many years. To maintain the beauty and longevity of your Hakwood floor, it is important to properly care for it. We have a range of high-quality care & maintenance products, specially designed for Hakwood floors.