Chevron flooring – a variation of herringbone
Floor Room offers Chevron-patterned flooring on request.

The repeated V-shaped pattern, which varies somewhat from herringbone, is composed of equally sized pieces of wood, cut at an angle, and

meet along a perfectly straight axis. This flooring pattern is a variation of herringbone, where each strip is bevelled and cut at a 45-degree angle.All the rods are the same size and are fitted against each other so that they join together to create a perfect point.

The flooring pattern creates clear directions in the room and is beautiful as both wide and narrow dimensions.Hakwood flooring adds elegance to your home and is a completely timeless choice.

 From narrow classic boards that are 8 cm wide to wide ones up to 18 cm.                            

Chevron Flooring.



Residential in Oslo.

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